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Low percentage of the work shown, hence the low level of sales. No desire to increase the portfolio at the stock exchange.

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A large collection of vector files, pictures, video, and other types of media.

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Dreamstime.com is a good stock photo bank, especially for beginners. I have been working with it for six years. And I am glad that I have found some use for my hobby as a part-time job, because most of the ways of "remote earning" described on the net (which you can find a lot of on demand "work at home") are either useless or quite unprofitable (not to mention a lot of scams :-) A network marketing and direct sales though profitable, but require much time and patience, so that in the latter case is unlikely to speak of a combination of pleasure and profit.

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Your projects deserve the best

Your project, whether it's a web design, magazine layout, highway poster, ad print, or anything else deserves the best photos. That's why Dreamstime takes care to provide thousands of images by talented professional photographers and graphic artists of the highest caliber, both in concept and execution.


Browse through a variety of categories or just search for the photos you want.

Stock photos from the world's largest community of professional photographers are waiting for you!


Creativity is freedom. The service supports your freedom with free photos

Customize and refine your designs with our wide range of free commercial photos provided by our members. Browse our collection and start designing right away, at no cost.


Download free, high-resolution images

Create your website or its design with free images from any category - business or travel, people or nature. You're also offered more than 180,000 free public domain images to fit your social media and blog posts. Take advantage of the community's help and transform your ideas into projects.