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Ironically, what I enjoy the most is also what I dislike. When you enter in a simple search keyword, the number of photos that appear is staggering. I enjoy having so many alternatives to pick from, but it may be time consuming. They do, however, feature a lot of great-looking images for any subject imaginable.

As I previously indicated, searching through so many pages and pages of photos when you enter in a search term is time consuming. Perhaps they could add even more types of filters, reducing the number of images you have to scroll through significantly.

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Great site for contributors who want to make the most money!

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The author's portfolio is customizable and looks more presentable than on many stock sites. You can set the cover, put the best photos on the front page at your own discretion (and not what the algorithms do), and create collections. You can assign a personal address to your portfolio and share a link to it or to each of your collections. A great feature for authors

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