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used for an online survey...versatile, simple to use...only radio button options make the job easier

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The QUESTIONSTAR research platform is designed for professional surveys and research and was created in a German academic environment (Leibnitz-Universität in Hannover) in 2002. It allows to solve the following tasks: creation of surveys and questionnaires with developed branching logic and logic of questions display; creation of tests, distribution with the help of built in dispenser of e-mail, general/individual links, social networks and QR-codes; statistical analysis of received data with use of correlations, regressions, tables of residues etc.; creation of reports with various diagrams and export into office applications with possibility of editing.


Full functionality starting with the free plan:




  • Drag'n'Drop, WYSIWYG user interface;

  • Works on desktops and mobile devices;

  • 30+ question types;

  • 60+ typical scales for faster question creation;

  • Answer Piping;

  • Getting Respondent's Mouthpiece;

  • Real-time teamwork;

  • 3,000+ features and settings;

  • Multilingual survey with automatic translation into 106 languages.




  • Real-time analysis;

  • Various types of charts and graphs;

  • Variable grouping;

  • Cross-tabulations;

  • Residuals tables;

  • Regressions;

  • Correlations;

  • t-tests;

  • Calculation of significance and strength of effects;

  • Descriptive statistics and summary tables;

  • Text analysis: Word cloud and TF-IDF scores;

  • Grouping or excluding items on a scale;

  • Ability to create custom variables;

  • No need to load data into statistical programs;

  • Export to SPSS, Excel and CSV available;

  • Test data download.


Survey creation:


  • Flexible design customization with built-in tools without the need for programming;

  • Upload your own logo;

  • Corporate design without advertising inserts;

  • Progress Indicator;

  • Ability to remove the back button;

  • Appearance preview for PC, tablet and smartphone;

  • Ability to fine-tune design with HTML/CSS.