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Excellent customer service and assistance. It offers a very user-friendly and intuitive UI. It's simple to use. It comes with a well-organized analysis report.

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Service features


SurveyLab automatically detects your device type and screen resolution, and scales your survey to fit the user's device. So you only create a survey once, and it works on any device.


SurveyLab lets you control the look and behavior of the survey. Adjust the colors of the questionnaire to suit your needs, add a logo, and decide which page respondents will be redirected to once the survey is completed.


Survey Topics. Customize your survey colors, fonts and more. Use one of our preset color themes or create your own.


Manage all your surveys in one place. SurveyLab lets you combine survey results from multiple channels. You can collect responses via email, SMS, WWW, web widget, popup, QR code, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, or our mailing system.


Notifications. Automatically notify you by email of new survey responses. You can set the frequency of notifications for each survey.


Security. Your surveys will be as secure as a bank. You can password protect your survey, restrict access to selected IP addresses and encrypt access to your survey with a secure 256 bit SSL / HTTPS certificate.