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Customer support/guidance is at best minimal, and the tool is not straightforward. For those looking for a user-friendly solution, this is not the best option. Customer care simply referred to the legal agreement when asked for a refund and replied no way.

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Very useful application. I was just looking for it for the group. Very convenient and flexible. I like it. I will be glad to develop my organization. I am very grateful to the developers.

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It's simple to use, has a superior results calculator, and is reasonably priced.

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uCalc is a service that helps to build and maintain a service calculator, delivery calculator, booking form, feedback form, event registration - without any special knowledge or support costs. Calculator is created by simply dragging and dropping blocks and making simple formulas of the form A + B = C. There is a code that you can embed on the site on any platform. Built into the site calculator can be edited through the service.


The designer has the following advantages:


  • Ready-made templates and selection of elements: slider, button, drop-down list, checkboxes, collecting contacts, selecting dates and so on.

  • Receiving ready requests to email and phone of the site owner or manager.

  • Sending results to customers by email and sms with the possibility to insert a promo code.

  • Design settings: background and text color, changing fonts and colors of elements.

  • Delivery of several results, for example, prices with and without a discount.

  • Ability to count any currency or measure (weight, size, volume, unit of goods).

  • Ability to illustrate each item.

  • Auto adaptation of the widget on the site for smartphones and tablets.


The designer has the following limitations:


  • No downloading of data (prices, product items, service names) from Excel.

  • No integration with CRM.

  • No way to make the calculator as a "presentation" - when screens change depending on the previous selection.

As a result, the service is suitable for small companies and stores that do not have the budget to custom design calculator and forms for the site.