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I usually use it to make quizzes and feedback forms, which allows me to communicate with my audience more. This technology is used to collect audience sentiments in the form of data.

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Works without any problems

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We can quickly make attractive quizzes without wasting time on programming. The implementation was simple, and the provider provided us with a live demonstration before we made our decision.

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What we have to offer


Transform your audience

Transform your online presence into a truly interactive experience, engage users in a personalized customer interaction cycle and grow your business.


Powerful user tools

Get more leads, automate qualifications and move deals down the pipeline faster than ever with interactive content easily tailored to your brand.


Integrations for streamlined workflow

Send new leads directly to the tools you already use, including all major email marketing and CRM services. Use our web interceptor feature to create your own integrations.


Increase user engagement

Use personalized on-page user interactions to create natural conversations with your audience at the most important moments and increase user engagement.


Collect emails and send personalized messages

Use attendee emails to automatically reach out without writing a single line of code. Send response summaries, discount codes, or review requests in emails created and developed directly in


Add images, attachments, and view your emails on multiple devices. And all this without third-party tools.