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Easy to use, extensive functions

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Visme is the ideal combination of marketing software and aesthetics. The interface has a plethora of gorgeous templates, stock photos, infographics, and flowcharts to pick from, all of which can be easily updated with new logos or text. I was also taken away by how user-friendly it is - anyone could instantly edit their content with no prior knowledge required!

Visme is a supercharged version of Canva. Visme's template collection, which includes fascinating charts and crisp colorful drawings, gives you complete control over your designs, allowing you to quickly generate innovative concepts.

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Visme is the only design tool you'll ever need to tell and present your stories and translate boring data into stunning visual formats right in your browser. The perfect marriage between PowerPoint and the design tool makes it easy for anyone to create visual content. From presentations to infographics, reports, social graphics and everything in between, Visme simplifies the content creation process by combining sophisticated software with just one application.

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Visme is a platform for creating presentations, animations, banners, infographics, reports, forms and other visual content.


Key features of Visme:


  • Material templates.

  • Project creation.

  • Inserting content from Flikr.

  • Icon, style, and font customization.

  • Support for video and audio.

  • Content branding.

  • Up to 1 GB for content storage.

  • PDF and HTML5 uploads.

  • Widgets for charts and infographics.

  • Private and public projects.

  • Collaboration.

  • Support.


In the enterprise version of Visme, you can see your folder tree, manage access, and upload or "share" files (JPG, PDF, HTML, code and URL insertion). Plus you can track who, when, and how long they've viewed content.