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Mango-chat - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Perezvoni Callback - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Envybox - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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CallBackHunter - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Digitalforce - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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OpenPhon - reviews, price, alternatives (analogues, comparisons, cost of services)


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Ruby - pricing, customer reviews, features, free plans, alternatives, comparisons, service costs.


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Melissa Clarks

Melissa Clarks on OpenPhon

Great service, huge upgrade from whatever phone system you are currently use, I promise!
Michelle Kim

Michelle Kim on Ruby

We had this as a secondary answering service when our primary agents weren't able to catch a call, it got routed to Ruby.
Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson on Mango-chat

The service is functional, but left a list of unpleasant things. It is better to choose not very functional, but adequately responsive to feedback fro...
Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson on CallBaska

Everything you need to attract clients and monetize your website is included in the service. The widget's installation and functioning are straightfor...
Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson on Digitalforce

This company helped me develop a website with construction themes. The site is quite young, but it is already well advertised! Thanks to this, my busi...
Matt Robinson

Matt Robinson on Perezvoni

Good service to increase conversions. Good value for the services provided

A callback, or callback, is a call that an operator makes after the client leaves a completed form on the site requesting to be called back to resolve their questions. 


It involves SIP-telephony processes and the manager's callback does not take too much time.


Callback is a universal way to collect more leads, it increases their loyalty. This service helps to optimize the marketing budget because investing in advertising this service will attract more potential customers. 


In addition, the solution helps control all applications left, distributes operators' workload and creates the most comfortable conditions for both parties to communicate at a convenient time and guarantees instant communication. 

How do I choose the best solution for ordering a callback on a website?

No one likes to call a company just to be put on hold. According to a Google survey, 60 percent of customers think waiting more than one minute is too long. But the good news is that the callback service provides a guarantee that such situations won't arise.


Introducing this service to your call-back service has many benefits, including:


1. Improved experience.


75% of customers prefer a callback to waiting on hold. When you provide the ability to simply request a callback instead of waiting to speak to an operator on hold. This improves the overall opinion of the company's competence, the promptness of its feedback, which increases customer satisfaction with the services provided.


2. Reduced abandonment rates

Faced with long wait times, many people often give up and call the company back later, resulting in a high rate of dropped calls - a sure sign of frustration - and, repeat calls, which can strain the line itself.


Studies show that a callback service can reduce dropped calls by at least 32%, so your customers can reach available agents without wasting time waiting in line, while not increasing the number of calls on the line. 


3. Managing large volumes of information

Since people don't mind waiting a little while for a callback, if it means he will spend less time talking on the phone. You and your team can use callback contacts from the general queue to immediately reduce the total number of calls on the line, without hiring additional people, whether they are hourly, weekly or monthly calls. 


4. Reduced costs.

When a customer waits in line, you pay by the minute for that waiting time. However, if he can skip this waiting time, then the cost of the call will be cheaper for your customers and for you. 


Depending on the provider's rates, it depends on the price of the line waiting time. If, say, it's about 10 minutes, and the number of calls is about 100 per day, then you can save them quite a bit by eliminating the average line hold time by using a callback instead.


5. Increased work spirit

If the customer doesn't have to wait long on the line, he's likely to be in better spirits and more responsive to the operator. This reduces the workload of consultants and helps them improve another important indicator: the speed of processing of received requests.


When purchasing a callback solution, keep the following in mind:


Before you put a callback request form widget on your site, you should figure out which provider best matches your budget, functionality, and other requirements.


The majority of them have comparable features and terms of service, however some of them may differ in crucial ways, such as:


  • price;

  • design;

  • a test period

  • installation capability on-site


There are many sites that offer pre-made callback request form scripts. You just need to insert a link to your site in the appropriate field and copy the generated HTML code. Then you need to add the code to the website directory and that's it! Such services have free rates, but in most cases have unimportant functionality.


Therefore, it is better to take on a paid basis with a guarantee of quality service. Otherwise, there may be a variety of inconveniences, for example - the callback request comes too late to the operator, and the potential client has already left the site. It also happens that the widget buttons are too big and bright and pop up at the wrong time, covering the contents of the page and thus irritating users.


The timing and design of the callback widget can be adjusted using paid solutions. And most importantly, free callback services can't provide you with the necessary call statistics. You won't be able to see the number of calls received by operators and other reports.