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What you pay for is what you get. The service is significantly less expensive than most competitors, but you must set everything up yourself, which is not difficult but does require some time to consider all of the specifics.

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Service, helpdesk, and individuals on the phone for queries are all excellent. There are a large variety of extension numbers. Calling costs are low. Product that is simple to use a reasonable price Integration with our customer relationship management system (Hubspot)

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Cloud PBX


Call your office in 5 minutes with free cloud PBX Zadarma. You have numerous useful features at your disposal - voice menu, call transfer/intercept/forwarding, call recording and statistics, answering machine. Setting up all these functions is straightforward due to self-explanatory setup wizard in personal cabinet.


IP-telephony capabilities meet the needs of modern business. And the main thing - there is no binding to a specific geography, you can create office or workplace anywhere in the world. Virtual PBX Zadarma will connect all employees in one network, creating an effective tool for communication with customers and partners.


Virtual numbers


Virtual number will help to telephone your office from scratch in minutes. You do not need to install telephone lines and purchase special equipment. All you have to do is activate your phone number - and you can choose from 100 country phone numbers, including Toll free numbers for calling customers. Calls to virtual numbers can be taken not only over the Internet but also forwarded to any phone.


Outgoing calls


Save on your phone calls together with Zadarma project thanks to our best offers: unlimited rates, free packages, per-second charging, number portability during calls, branded applications for smartphone or computer and of course the highest quality of talk.


Free CRM Zadarma


A customer relationship management system fully integrated with your cloud PBX. Call and receive calls directly from your browser, create client cards and tasks, monitor managers' performance. Manage your team and build the right business together with ZCRM.