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Great service to increase website conversion!

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All as in the standard chat service, there are no obvious pluses. The only thing I like is the chat site itself, I mean the design. Plus there is a popup for those who leave the site.

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Venyoo is an online consultant for the site with a callback and automatic communication mode.


What tasks does the service solve?


  • Increases customer loyalty.

  • Collects questions and contacts of website visitors.

  • Generates calls to leads.

  • Gathers detailed statistics about your website visitors.

  • Turns traffic on websites into sales.

  • Increases company profits.

  • Increases the efficiency of advertising specialists and marketers.

  • Solves tasks on websites: conducting surveys, voting and so on.


Service Technologies


  • Lead Generator. Interacts with clients on the principle of automatic chat. All visitors to the site widget according to a configured algorithm will offer help. After finding out the question, the widget collects contacts and sends them to the CRM, by sms or mail.

  • Callback on leads. Every time the widget generates a lead with a phone number, the system automatically calls the client and the site owner. Thus customers do not have time to read the offers of competitors, and the leads do not need to be processed, they call themselves.

  • Chat. The ability to connect to a real conversation with a visitor and solve their problem. Handle the departing customer who didn't leave a lead.

  • Capturing cold customers. Ability to automatically make a leaving customer one last offer in a popup that they can't refuse, then collect contacts in a widget.

  • Mobile widget. Adapted widget version for mobile devices.