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Great operator interface, informative reports. BUT they spoil statistics in google analytics

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To communicate with our customers, we use RedHelper as an engagement tool. Every site visitor is essential to us, thus we make every effort to understand them and their needs in order to complete the transaction as quickly as possible.

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In order for a visitor to become a customer - you must be the first to answer his questions


Fast communication with the client - the main task of RedHelper. The service has done everything to make an online consultant to be the best in the business - a simple, convenient and fast way to get an answer to any question.

Collaborative Browser - a new view of your website.


Now through the customer's eyes:


  • With this feature, you can understand your customers much better and answer their questions even more quickly.

  • The page the visitor is on

  • Highlight elements on your visitor's page

  • Move the visitor's mouse cursor online

  • Take the user to the right page

  • Monitor the visitor's printout


Active Invitation - +40% increase in conversion


RedHelper monitors each visitor to the site and automatically sends an active invitation at the right time. We have worked hard for a long time to achieve maximum user loyalty when receiving an active invitation. With this feature RedHelper gently and unobtrusively converts a visitor into a customer.

Quick replies save your time and nerves


Thanks to the Quick Answers option, you can answer customers' questions literally in 2 clicks - all you have to do is write once and save the most effective phrases. This greatly saves time and increases operator efficiency.


Customizing the appearance of the chat allows you to make RedHelper an integral part of your website


You can customize everything - color, size, position on the page, and even titles and texts!


Design your widget, so it can be part of your site - it significantly, which increases the loyalty of your visitors


Thanks to advanced statistics, you will get a detailed portrait of your customer


RedHelper has full statistics on all visitors - where they are, where they came from, which page they are on at the moment and so on. This information will help you to compile a detailed portrait of your customers and help the website operator make the most appropriate offers to your visitors.


Transition source and current online position Country, city, movement history


RedHelper is designed for business. A clear and detailed report will help evaluate the efficiency. You can use it to easily evaluate the operator's work on your site. In addition to the usual absolute figures (the number of chats, response time, etc.) it also provides a relative measure of how effectively RedHelper is being used.


Manage the quality of work and motivate your employees - the report immediately shows who is working better than others.


Transmitting files via chat eliminates unnecessary actions


To send a commercial offer to the mail, you need:


  • Learn the client's address

  • Write an explanatory letter and attach the file you need

  • Wait for the recipient to open the email and read the file

  • To be sure that the letter won't get into a spam-filter.

  • Question the validity of the address a couple of times


All of this can be avoided by simply sending the file via the RedHelper online consultation form to the very person who should receive it. And it's just as easy to get a response.


Integration with analytics systems will help you save your budget


Quick and easy integration with Google.Analytics and Yandex.Metrika will allow you to accurately track the performance of your advertising campaigns by the number of clicks in the chat. Choose the advertising channels that bring in the most customers and work only with them!


Offline mode allows you to get leads outside your working hours. RedHelper is available 24/7 even if there is no active operator.


The user will always be able to leave you their contacts and questions, and you can get a new customer.