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Good service to increase conversions. Good value for the services provided

Share Was this review helpful? is efficient service in terms of call back. It generated an enormous number of leads for my business back in a day, so i would definitely recommend it !

Share Was this review helpful? is a multi-widget system that can not only call back customers and increase the number of calls from the site, but also substitute the text, depending on the request. It also has analytics and CRM functionality. Service monitors visitor's behaviour according to 9 characteristics and depending on received data puts him into one of the target groups.


Key features of service:


  • Recording all conversations.

  • Statistics on calls.

  • SMS notifications about missed calls.

  • E-mail notification about a call.

  • Up to 15 managers.

  • Selecting groups of customers to catch.

  • Changing text in a widget.

  • Index of involvement parameters.

  • Setting up behavior evaluation criteria.

  • Geo-targeting.

  • Full-featured analysis of all calls.

  • Client's card with a history of visits, source, request, region, etc.

  • Widget branding.

  • Payments for legal entities.

  • Multividget.

  • The "Order a call" button.