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The service is functional, but left a list of unpleasant things.
It is better to choose not very functional, but adequately responsive to feedback from large communication providers. I do not recommend this provider to anyone.

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Solving business problems.

The speed of work.

Adjustable algorithms.

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Online chat on the site is by right the best tool for communication with customers

Convenient communication, instant response, simplicity and accessibility - only a small part of the benefits it gives you.


What can you get from online chat?


  • Firstly, the opportunity to almost completely abandon inconvenient forms of feedback: email, calls, limited only by working hours, social networks;

  • Secondly, the increase in the number of calls even outside working hours by an average of 2.5 times;

  • Thirdly, a flexible configuration of the chat window and its customization to the design of your site. It looks just great!


Automate your work

The system automatically displays messages based on the number of times the user visited the site, the page they visited or the category. Collection of contacts and automatic messages from the operator does not require your participation


Active chat invitations

Customize your own unique invitations by various parameters in a few clicks. Experiment and personalize messages even more effectively