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We have been using the service for two years now, everything is satisfactory. Great chat, clear and easy to use, even new operators do not have any difficulties and additional questions, they are easily included in the work. We didn't talk much with the tech support but it was very efficient, great team!

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It's simple to get going right away. JivoChat is ready to use right away. It connects all of my social media accounts and makes it much easier for us to manage all of our customer discussions. The built-in CRM and team chat complement the Livechat and integrated inbox capabilities perfectly. What truly amazed me and made me fall in love with JivoChat was the fact that I was experiencing severe troubles with the FB Business Suite app on all android phones at our workplace, whereas iOS phones were working fine. Anyway, I tried JivoChat, and it solved all of my issues and more! I had to come here right away to review. Oh, and the mobile apps are also flawless.

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The easiest way to increase your online sales

Jivo is all about online communication with customers: live chat (online consultant), telephony and callbacks, receiving messages from social networks, messengers, applications and e-mail, corporate chat and built-in CRM capabilities.

More than an online consultant

Jivo is a chat for the website and a tool for communicating with customers in social networks,

messengers and mobile applications. Earn more without missing a single appeal.


Not a single request goes unanswered 

All of Jivo's tools are built to handle hundreds of customer interactions every day


Callbacks help close deals

Jivo combines calls with chat to talk to the customer on the phone and send them messages or documents at the same time. Combine these two channels to increase conversions from website conversions to purchases or services.