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I use this chat for information sites to increase behavioral factors. Traffic is growing more than well, happy with the chat room, but probably have to look for similar solutions because of the price for non-profit organizations. The ideal option for information sites is to do a free chat with your copywriting or with some advertising, then your company will grow much faster due to self-publishing and freebies.

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Clear operation of the application, very operator-friendly.

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Online chat for the website and callback

Communicate with customers on the site and help them buy. Increase conversion rate and average bill.

A website without widgets is like a store without consultants. Be more approachable, allow customers to ask. Start a conversation with a chat or callback!

Online chat is an easy way to start a conversation

Website visitors aren't buying? Don't find time to ask a question and leave? Start a dialogue first!


Post an online chat on the site - it's free. Answer questions, offer products, talk about promotions and help people make purchases. Cleversite will increase your sales and the customer will be happy.


Callback is an excuse to have a comfortable conversation

Are customers uncomfortable talking right now? Or maybe they're embarrassed? Connect the callback.


Take the initiative - call the customer at their convenience. Set up a simple widget - increase conversion rate and average bill, analyse calls, improve service and business development.

Free and easy

The Cleversite Online Assistant requires no investment! Put it on your site in 20 minutes and increase your sales. Use advanced options - personalize your chat.


Proven by time

Cleversite has been helping businesses communicate with customers since 2014. We successfully develop products and expand their functionality. As an IT holding company, guarantees stability and in the long run.


Cleversite is used by more than 2000 companies from Eastern Europe, Russia and former CIS countries. Their loyalty confirms the reliability of our solutions.


Fully protected

Be sure your data is safe: secure data center and protocol encryption 


Solution products are adapted to different CMS, which makes the system universal. You can also connect analytics systems and use Cleversite with social networks and messengers.