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Everything you need to attract clients and monetize your website is included in the service. The widget's installation and functioning are straightforward. First and foremost, I connected this module because of the reasonable charges. From a variety of possibilities, this looked to be the best.

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It works great! We are a small company, we have enough free tariff, up to 1000 calls a month. We use it for 1 year. Full functionality: reports, missed calls notifications. Thank you very much Red Helper creators.

You do a very cool job on settings and feedback. Everything is clear, efficient, fast! Just got the request - got a call back right away. Constantly in consultation. It's obvious that your work in the company is built systematically, very cool!

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Callbaska - displays an active invitation for an instant callback:


  • Makes the call to your number and the client's number

  • Gives you a preliminary voice notification that you have received a call from the site

  • Records all calls and keeps statistics

  • Sends an email notification about a successful or unsuccessful connection (customer number was busy or unavailable 3 times in a row)

  • The ad source is displayed in the body of the message (if tagged with utm tags)




Widget customization


Insert a photo, change the text, time and frequency of the window


Creation of personal forms for different pages


Ability to make personalized texts and algorithms for specific pages of the site


Information about the advertising source


The body of the message contains utm-tags which allow you to determine which advertising sources the client came from.

No restrictions


All features are available at any price plan

Integration with metrics and GA


Easy settings for statistical counters


Free chat


Online consultant working via Skype or Telegram