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How to choose the best task manager (task scheduler)

What is a task manager and why do I need it?

A task manager is a tool for project management.


Every day, a manager and his team face a huge number of tasks that need to be properly distributed and controlled. A help in this matter can become a task manager. Work processes become more organized, discussions can often be held on the platforms themselves, and efficiency only grows.  Over time, you can notice how time is saved, when at any time you can open the application and see everything you need to work.


On these platforms you will be able to:

- Set tasks

- Set deadlines.

- Monitor performance

- Build organizational structure


How does it work?

- Write out tasks for your employees. You don't need to have a meeting, since you can describe everything in the task card.

- Next, specify the names of the performers. They will receive a notification about a new task, and you will receive a report. 

- Specify all the deadlines, monitor the efficiency and speed of tasks, analyze and improve the processes.


How to choose a task manager?

In addition to the basic functions, you will find integration with IP telephony, the ability to transfer data, etc. in the task manager.


A few criteria for choosing a task manager:


- Usability. Some people want many different pages for different projects, others want to control the status of tasks. The important thing is that you should be comfortable and easy to use the service.

- The amount of time spent. It's convenient to see the workload of employees and the time spent on work. Companies with hourly payroll systems find it much easier to estimate project costs and employee salaries in this way.

- Task Formulation. It is important to give the most complete information about a task.

- Compatibility with add-ons. It's very convenient to link other applications, such as messenger or calendar with a task manager.

- Tech support. This also has to do with convenience. It should not be difficult for you to add or remove something in the system.

- Reporting. You can use reports from the task manager to calculate ROI, for example, or other indicators.

- Adaptability for mobile devices. It's convenient when you can open everything from any device.