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This platform allows users to communicate with their teammates. They can have audio/video calls and meetings. They can have private and group communication. The quality of the video is up to the mark. Users’ can share files and documents easily within this platform. It offers a full range of features on the mobile application as well. Mobile applications are more convenient than desktops or pc. In this way, it cares for users’ ease. team members anywhere by just means of the mobile application.

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Service functions:

Group collaboration made easy

Turn ideas into reality with your team. Thanks to the communication channel, our team becomes visible, transparent and efficient.

Never attend a puzzle or meeting

Your direct daily tasks and calendar schedule change where you collaborate.

Searchable Conversations

Search messages, find files, met in a conversation, or search for a user - find what you're looking for, exactly when you need it.

Centralize your workflows

Expand the communication options in your game through intelligent collaboration. Customize your bots or create team shortcuts on the Cliq platform and automate day to day activities.

Your team in one touch

No matter where you work from or what basis you work for, you can jump into a voice or video call and stay connected.

Data security

Our top-notch security with data encryption and Secret Chat requires your organization's data to remain secure at all times.