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This is a fantastic feature for getting a sense of the candidate's personality and whether they will fit into the company culture. The integration with recruiters is another fantastic feature.

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Breezy HR is an online employee search service that allows recruiters to quickly find and work with candidates by working with LinkedIn and AngelList, working together with the team and prospective employees in real time. Plus there's integration with job boards like Indeed, Dribbble, Monster, StackOverflow, Glassdoor, etc.


Breezy HR features:


  • Easy candidate recruitment and tracking.

  • Optimized engine for mobile devices.

  • Free and premium integration with job sites.

  • Branded pages.

  • Customizable questions and candidate requirements.

  • Website embed code.

  • Resume parsing.

  • Video interviewing.

  • Unlimited number of users.

  • Real-time collaborations with mention support.

  • Google calendar integration.

  • Interview scheduling.

  • Reminders to candidates.

  • Support for external recruiters.

  • Tool with official Slack integration.

  • Recruiting analytics.