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The user interface is well-designed and easy to use. The sales process was highly efficient, in the sense that the sales representative listened to our problems/needs and adjusted the initial sales call to focus on the items that were most important to us. The sales representative was also quite informed about the product's features and limits, as well as the business side of HR operations and compliance.

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BambooHR is an online system that has outgrown the traditional employee search, it is specifically designed for managers and HR professionals who are interested in automated search and tracking data on new and most relevant employees.
BambooHR lets you track all the standard employee data, including addresses, phone numbers, dependents, incidents, salary and position histories, and even all sorts of notes. But that's not all. You can also add custom fields to monitor those data that are unique to your company.
With BambooHR you can:
  • HR service, HRMS, HRIS, employee database.

  • View all employee information in one place.

  • Access control for different types of users.

  • Create reports with just a few clicks.

  • Work from anywhere in the world.

  • Application integration.

  • Customization of tabs, fields, and tables.

  • Dashboard - Home base for viewing recent employees, report files.

  • Viewing upcoming employee birthdays or anniversaries.

  • Site layout development with modular "drag-and-drop" functionality.

  • Employee self-service.

  • Email notifications.

  • Workflow tracking, training, benefits and calendar.

  • Document storage in a secure system.

  • And much more.