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Great service, I like everything. Only back after a long absence I do not really like the changes associated with the withdrawal of money. Before, I wrote and clicked on the withdrawal. Now a lot of red tape, concluding an agreement, sending passport data, waiting for document verification.

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The exchange has many advantages. The disadvantage is the lack of instant payment. For amounts less than 1,000 rubles such an option would be quite logical

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Thanks a lot to the exchange Etext for interesting activities and a huge number of good orders! I have compared with other exchangers - so far here everything is quite satisfying. I can not call myself an author with superhigh qualifications and will not even hide it - I carry out different orders from simple (for 10 rubles per 1000 characters - to the expensive - 120 rubles per 1000 characters). All is well, but sometimes come across not very nice customers - who throughout the text asking to replace the word advantage to "chip". When in the T3 such requirements are not stated. Or customers who require 10 percent of water for ten-ruble orders. Not really fair, imho. And so - for yourself and for yourself is quite possible to find a subject in which you just know and, therefore, write a good text! To all administrators and moderators, less fuss with negative feedback and problems. There are problems everywhere, but not everyone considers it necessary to understand in such a rush mode as you have!!! You are few (I do not know exactly how many) and the number of customers and performers on the service is many times greater. Anyone who lowers its rating overdue orders, and other - to blame himself for this!

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Queue availability




Maximum number of characters


Conditions for free use

Up to 5000 characters

Cost (check / month)

$0.19 / 1000 characters

Examine the service's distinctiveness. eTXT is a sophisticated tool that checks for text originality.


You can use the program to:

  • locate and highlight non-unique text segments, making determining the text's uniqueness more easier;

  • provide extensive results on content uniqueness checks, with the possibility to define numerous search parameters such as the amount of text samples, the number of words in the packet, and so on;

  • verify that the photographs are one-of-a-kind

  • examine the uniqueness of all site pages and obtain a comprehensive report on the site.


The eTXT online uniqueness tester is a useful tool for determining the uniqueness of text.


The online version of the originality tester will assist you in the following ways:

  • independent of external factors, validate the text for originality;

  • don't be concerned about being blacklisted by search engines;

  • store the check findings on the server and be able to offer their permanent address if needed.


API to verify for uniqueness


The following are the features and terms of the server rental:

- The API interface is used to interact with the server;

- without queue, your orders will be checked for uniqueness;


If you operate a website, you will almost certainly require the services of a professional who can quality adjust the source text and make it distinctive for search engines.