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Unconscious plagiarism may appear in the text, even if you wrote the text without looking at other sources. For example, clichés that everyone uses in their texts, and they reduce the uniqueness of the text.

  • work out the material deeply (rewrite);
  • use synonyms if necessary;
  • replace clichés and frequently repeated words;
  • make your text simple and clear;
  • check the text for stop words and errors;

The text can be checked using any anti-plagiarism service that you find on the Internet. Due to the uniqueness of the content, Seo algorithms will work on your site and your site will rise in the search ranking.


    Service Buyer's Guide to Checking Texts for Uniqueness

    What is the purpose of checking the uniqueness of texts?

    Every time we open an article or turn on a video, we want to see something interesting and new, learn useful information or have fun. Accordingly, the content of the resource must be unique. What does "unique" mean? This means that the content should not be plagiarized. It should also provide value, be interesting and valuable to the user. To make it interesting for users to visit this site again and again and make it more popular.


    If we consider this aspect not from the side of the user, but from the side of search engines, then the resource for plagiarism may or may not be indexed, because of which users will not be able to find it, or, even worse, be blocked.


    Content uniqueness is measured as a percentage. If the text is 100% unique, then this is the best result. But 90% is quite acceptable. Do not forget to take into account that different services may show different results for the same text with a difference of several percent.

    Which text parameters сan be checked with software?

    There isn't any universal service that corrects all the mistakes. Therefore, we use several ones and constantly check both ourselves and the tools. We pay attention to:

    - plagiarism;

    - texting spam score index and keyword stuffing;

    - orthography;

    - stylistics;

    - punctuation;

    - syntax.

    When the checking is over, we convey the text to the editor. They verify:

    common sense;

    clear structure;

    text readability and style;

    information actuality and authenticity.

    Therefore, a reader gets a high-quality text only.