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The Invisible Pipeline is Kickfire's most interesting product since it allows us to collect data from 98 percent of people who are interested in us but haven't filled out a lead form.
Pricing might be a little lower, and integration time could be a little faster.

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The user interface is straightforward, with options for viewing data on the screen or exporting to CVS/Excel.

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Free tariff


Referral program


Browser extension


Engage your audience with personalized content and messaging.


Use Google Optimize or Adobe Target to engage your site visitors with personalized content based on your branded graphics.


Dynamically change navigation, greetings, banner images, recommended content, and Call-To-Action.


Experiment and find out which messages appeal to your audience.


When using the Intelligence™ IP system, it's important to have the highest quality IP network data source available. TWIN Caching® (Translating the WAN IP Network) is a patented technology that goes beyond traditional IP associations. With its unique ability to detect ownership of last-mile connectivity, TWIN Caching provides enhanced IP resolution in-house.


TWIN Caching serves as a network and IP protocol equivalent to the way Google caches and searches an entire copy of web content. Using our proprietary deterministic algorithms, TWIN caching systematically caches and analyzes over 340 undecillion IP addresses.


Combined with KickFire's proprietary data, TWIN caching provides business intelligence for a wide range of B2B applications such as third-party intent, account-based marketing, content personalization, account-level ad targeting, and more.