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Site audit is a general analysis of a resource that helps to find technical problems in its work, to improve the characteristics of a site for search engines and users. Such an audit makes it possible to determine the reasons.

A referral program is also called an affiliate program (affiliate program). This is a type of cooperation between a company and partners, where the partner sells the services or goods of the company, and the latter, in turn, pays remuneration.

This type of cooperation allows the company to increase profits by minimizing costs, and the partner - to get his own percentage of sales.

SERM is an acronym for marketing, composed of 4 English words: Search Engine Reputation Management, which means "reputation management in search engines." Simply put, this term refers to a number of measures that are aimed at creating a positive image of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

External SEO site audit, which involves analyzing and checking the link mass. In this case, such site components are checked, such as:

- donors. In this case, a revision of the entire reference mass of the project is carried out, while shifting the emphasis of verification to the quality of your donors;

- anchor list. After all, many search engines are actively fighting link spam and therefore study anchor lists especially carefully;

- simplicity of the link mass. You should monitor the smoothness in the growth of the link mass of the site. Since in the presence of link explosions, various sanctions may be imposed on the site.


Internal SEO audit of the site. So, recently, many search engines also carefully study the internal state of the site, namely: the usefulness of the resource, the absence of any technical errors and convenience for visitors. In this case, special attention should be paid to the following components:

- landing pages that must be selected correctly;

- meta tags in which you need to study the title and description;

- the semantic core involves the selection of as many different keywords as possible;

- entry of keywords that should be understandable and interesting to people;

- the uniqueness of the text, which should not consist of copying someone else's content.

    Backlinks are marching from English. "Backlink", which literally means "backlink". This term refers only to those links that lead to your site from other resources. Even simpler: the address of the page "X" is placed on the site "U" and becomes a backlink for the site "X".

    The proportion of sites that use HTTPS is growing steadily. Search engines are already distributing a significant part of traffic to HTTPS-enabled sites, and their presence in the TOP is also growing.

    The transition to a secure exchange of data with users is strongly stimulated by the search engine Google and its "child browser" Chrome. Recall that from version 56, Google Chrome began to mark pages that collect confidential data and do not use the HTTPS protocol as "Insecure", thereby lowering the conversion on them (Firefox adheres to a similar policy).

    Meta tags are special code elements through which the browser and search engines read information about the site. These attributes are not visible to users and are not considered very important for the correct operation of the resource. Tags simply describe a web page with a title, descriptor, keywords.

    Buyer's Guide for SEO Site Audit

    SEO auditing is an important facet of a website when it comes to digital marketing. An SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of a site to assess the performance of on-page and off-page activities, identify site architecture-related problems, analyze backlinks & social-media engagement, scan keyword density and examine duplicate content-related issues. In simplest terms, SEO audit is important for identifying strengths, weaknesses and potentials of your website for long-term success.


    Below are given different types of SEO audits and how they are beneficial for your website:

    SEO Technical Audit: This SEO audit will help you identify the technical problems with your website that are restricting search engines to crawl through your site or understand content. The SEO Technical Audit Report summarizes all technical problems along with solutions so that you can take action immediately.

    Competitive Website Audit: With the competitive website audit, you can get a full picture of what your top competitors are doing for SEO and how your SEO activities compare to theirs. This process will enable you to identify what can work for your market segment better and implement successful marketing tactics to build your business.

    SEO Link and Content Audit: Website links and content need to be audited to ensure your search ranking is not negatively affected. Link auditing outlines issues related to inbound links, bad links or broken links in your website. SEO content audit assesses your website copy for relevancy and evaluates the current status of website’s content.

    Local SEO Audit: You get accurate & actionable data on key areas of local optimization with local SEO audit including local listings, local citations, on-site & off-site local activities, local search rankings and reviews. Local SEO audit outputs a report detailing issues related to these key areas so that you can fix the concerns and improve local ranking.

    SEO audit gives you detailed insight of the current health status of your website. If your website has key gaps, your competitors might take away your opportunities. With SEO auditing from a reliable SEO audit service provider, you get unique opportunities to optimize your site, learn about your competition, improve website performance, get more targeted traffic and increase conversions by applying right SEO strategies. So, keep your website up-to-date with SEO audit!

    SEO on-page audit key points:

    Major domain characteristics

    Header tags verification

    Pages’ Titles

    Meta Descriptions

    Pages’ URL structure

    Images optimization analysis

    Content analysis

    Keyword density

    Internal linking analysis

    Backlinks analysis

    Page speed verification

    Popularity in social media


    Usability and technical analysis