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Semrash cool service, I use it for a long time, all is satisfactory. no errors, a simple selection of keywords for the site. there is an opportunity to assess the position of competitors by keywords, view cost per click, competitors, traffic, user-friendly interface.

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The service copes with all its tasks perfectly

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When working on search engine marketing and content, this tool can be really handy. They've created a robust software suite that I'm confident in recommending to our executives and promoting within the organization. Other tools such as SEO and social media are also useful, but sponsored ads are where the software really shines. Keyword research, of course, is one of our favorite functions, but we also like topic research and the writing assistance under content marketing tools.

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Use the experience of competitors with SEMrush

Analytical Reports

Study your competitors' organic and paid search, contextual advertising strategies and their techniques for increasing link mass.

Search Engine Analysis:

  • See what keywords have brought success to your competitors

  • Find new competitors in organic search

  • Track changes in the position of domains in search engine rankings


Paid Display Analysis:

  • Study your competitors' advertising strategy and budget

  • Analyze your competitors' online ads and keywords

  • Find new competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads

  • Localize your ads


Analyze contextual media advertising:

  • Learn about the most popular ad sites and the biggest advertisers

  • Analyze competitors' media ads

  • Find new sites to place ads

  • View ads from a variety of devices



  • Conduct a thorough analysis of backlinks

  • Determine the authority of the referring domain

  • Check backlink types

  • Know the referring domains location and IP


Keyword analysis:

  • Choose appropriate keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

  • Increase the semantic core of your website

  • Use "long tail" keywords 

  • Reach the multilingual international market


Product Ads:

  • Identify your competitors by product ads

  • Take a look at your competitors' product feeds

  • Find out which of your competitors' product feeds are working best