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Good afternoon. I don't like to write reviews and you can't force me to, but this is different.

Some kind of impulse. I am an amateur in the semantics and for a long time I searched for "experts" who supposedly do high-quality semantics, spent money and the result was "not so good" which did not cover even 20% of the necessary subjects. But after working with Semen-Yadren - I realized what real professionals. Very comprehensive, accessible, informative, qualitatively and quickly conducted the work and the corresponding result.

I do not want to describe the process, how to praise. I want to say one thing. You need a high-quality, complete semantic core, feel free to contact Semen-Yadren.

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The correct semantic kernel is not a list of queries with frequency, but a comprehensive marketing research of the niche situation for SEO promotion and the launch of contextual advertising. 


The analysts of the Semyon Yadryon agency will help you:

  • Find points of growth.

  • Find out the traffic potential

  • Form the structure of the site.

  • Develop a development strategy in times of crisis.


The advantages of the service

  • Simplicity: You provide a brief and approval of the work - the solution is a ready-made semantic kernel.

  • Promptness: The average delivery time of your order from 7 to 12 working days.

  • Work Experience: Collected and clustered over 5,825 cores in 7 years on the market.

  • Power: Our system is 24/7 serviced by 4 powerful Dell Poweredge r710 servers.

  • Topic Coverage: More than 25 paid, free and proprietary closed-source requests.

  • Cost: From 2.4 rubles per query in the final semantic core.

  • Maximum Reports: 12 different reports on the analysis of the niche and the main competitors.

  • TOR for Copywriter: Bonus - free TOR for the copywriter, compiled by our tool Semanizer.

  • Quick Support: Average response time to a user's question ranges from 1 to 15 minutes.