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Mutagen is useful for copywriters, marketers, webmasters and optimizers. I recommend you to take a closer look at this service, because I personally use it quite often and believe that there is no easier tool for selecting competitive keywords.
In order to start testing it is necessary to register and top up your balance, but then everything is pretty simple and easy. There is a detailed manual and FAQ for beginners.

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Simple and clear service to work with semantics. mutagen is not an explosive tool, but in seo more important point work and here it helps with this.

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Mutagen is a really useful resource for copywriters and web designers. From my own experience I confirm that the tool is very simple and clear, I use it very often and I am completely satisfied with it. To test it, you first need to register and also have to deposit your balance. After that, everything is simple and very fast. There are special instructions and answers to users' questions, which greatly facilitates the work of beginners. You enter a query and get a detailed analysis. You should strive for low competition, as in this case it will be easier to make a sought-after "product". The resource is paid, but it has become an important part of the work. So I definitely recommend it.

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This service is designed to help optimizers, webmasters, copywriters. Here you can pick up for your own or someone else's site keywords for which there are a lot of views, and there is almost no competition.


As a rule, if the competition on the request up to 5 points, then to get into the top on the average site is enough to just place an article on the topic of minimum key, without resorting to the purchase of links, etc. For weak sites choose queries up to 3 points.


The level of competition * is calculated on the basis of analysis of sites in the top 30 issuance Yandex. The lower the level of competition - the easier it will be to get in the top for this query.


The number of impressions is taken from Yandex statistics for the phrase in quotes over the last 30 days.

That would be clearer, an example of a good keyword - than to feed dzungarian hamster at home.


*At the moment the competition is only up to 25 points, although in reality the request for which the level of competition is estimated at 25 may have a competition of 100 and 1000.


This is done for two reasons:

  • It is aimed at saving time, as an exact evaluation of the competition level by "heavy" queries may take a long time.

  • Because of the expediency, as there is no need to evaluate all the queries, if this service is focused only on finding non-competitive.


Mutagen is an excellent tool for selecting keywords for the site. Mutagen will be useful:

  • Optimizers and SEO offices - you can find keywords for the site, for which the customer's site will get the first place in the top and will collect traffic, even without links.

  • Webmasters - Now you're not blindly filling your site with content in the hope that it will be interesting to someone, but you are preparing and publishing materials which are guaranteed to attract crowds of visitors to your site.

  • Copywriters - you will be able to offer customers articles on their topic, sharpened to the keys, where to get the keys you already know.

  • Marketers - now you can quickly and accurately assess demand and competition on the Internet, to identify "overheated" and undervalued topics.