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In terms of lead management software, Wishpond does the job. But what really stands out are the additional email marketing tools, landing pages, forms and pop-ups.

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Wishpond has a lot of positive aspects. First and foremost, I adore Wishpond's design and branding. I'd want to commend whoever came up with the name Wishpond for the software, as well as the adorable animal that serves as your emblem. Second, I appreciate how executives are available to assist you in growing our company. Third, it appears that Wishpond is invested in your success.

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1. Сommon platform.

All Wishpond tools work together without any additional software or integration. In many cases, the functionality of Wishpond's built-in applications is superior to platforms that specialize in specific sectors or industries.


2. Marketers

While companies may have access to competitors' tools, very few companies offer account management services to help them succeed with them. Those that do, usually can't offer prices that traditional small and medium-sized businesses can afford.


3. Affordability

For the cost of a single subscription, Wishpond customers get access to all the different tools they would otherwise have to purchase individually from specialized vendors.


4. Service Statistics 

2000+ - Number of active clients

125+ - Global headcount

3.4 million - annual website visitors

75 million - number of potential customers