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To create a stand-alone, multi-purpose website, highly configurable display conditions and methods are required. We used this service to collect emails, and it has just enough database fields to meet GDPR requirements.
Because it is not completely customizable, some features (such as custom tick boxes) may not always be available. Because it's a separate application, it's not fully integrated with the website's operation by default.

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I appreciate how adaptable the platform is. Designing appealing popups that match the style and feel of my site is a breeze. The choices for controlling who sees the popup and when they see it are also rather extensive.

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Service Features


Quickly create beautiful pop-ups 

Drag and drop elements to create a popup window in the editor. You can customize everything from size to colors, position, and effects. 


Create pop-ups to achieve your goals
Text, images, videos, iframe windows, raw HTML, etc. There is no limit to the type of content you can add to a popup.


Pop-ups on mobile devices

It only takes a few clicks to adapt your campaign for mobile devices.


You can also customize when pop-ups appear, create segmented lists of visitors and how often they will see them, view the number of conversions through pop-ups, and verify and integrate them through Google Analitycs.