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So, I was previously using a Wordpress site, and I had to pay a developer every month to create a site that I was happy with. And as a result, the site's speed was too slow to be acceptable. And now I want to learn about Weblium before my horrible experience with a Wordpress developer. I'm happy with the price of the annual subscription, it's about 8 times lower than what I paid just for developer work, but with Weblium I got the full package I needed to build a fully functional website.

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Weblium can only be used to create small and uncomplicated sites. Cute, adaptive, with good SEO-potential, but quite typical for this class of systems. There is no store, the blog is sluggish, the declared AI is absent, most templates from 1 page, albeit not bad quality.

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Hotjar heatmaps, which are integrated with Weblium, have a special place in my heart. They assisted me in determining what my consumers desire and care about, as well as developing content strategies based on user clicks, taps, and scrolling activity.

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There are eight reasons to select Weblium:


1. A simple start


For each solution, we already have over 200 templates. If you don't like the suggested templates, you can always make your own using more than 250 ready-made blocks in constructor mode.


2. Intelligent Virtual Assistant.


You may concentrate on the content while our intelligent AI assistant assists you with the design: it will inform you of effective block arrangement, appropriate color palettes, and color selection automatically, among other things. With only one click, you may alter the design.


3. The Site's Mobile Version


Your website adjusts seamlessly to all mobile devices, PCs, and tablets, and is shown in high quality on all displays.


4. It's simple to make


To make your own website, you no longer need any specific expertise. We take care of your website's installation, software upgrades, hosting, and SSL protection, so you can focus on implementing your ideas.


5. Search Engine Optimized


Weblium-powered websites are readily found and indexed by search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing. Your customers will be able to discover you fast!


6. Put your ideas to the test


We provide a variety of marketing options for you to put your craziest ideas to the test! Analytics, forms, integrations, online chats, and more are just a few of the features available. Create, connect, and achieve your goals!


7. Begin for Free


You may create a website for free. There are no limitations on traffic or usage hours. There are no limitations on the number of templates and basic blocks you may build and utilize.


8. Round-the-clock assistance


Unlike many major website builders, we provide our users online assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply ask a question in the chat room.