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Tested on personal experience, the designer is very easy to use, of course you need some time that would understand what to do, but I do not think it will take more than an hour let's say. It all depends on the degree of development of brains)

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Hosting is good for both professionals and students. Any beginner webmaster can learn web programming to a high level if he wants to with this hosting

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Everything is intuitive, pleasant interface, easy to work with, free

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Free, tried-and-true website builder. With an enormous number of options and an almost infinite scope for realizing any creative concept.


Intuitive website builder for businesses that allows you to construct a functional and modern website in just a few minutes by dragging and dropping items.


Designer, which allows you to create a landing page in 10 minutes without any web design experience, and another that allows you to perform an A/B test, send traffic, and see the results.


The possibility to create your own online store, one that is tailored to your specific requirements. A store with a large variety of features that is simple to use and administer.


Websites, messengers, and social media platforms all include calculators and forms. You can make them yourself for 0 rubles and 10 minutes of your time if you don't have any programming abilities.


Create "Share" and "Like" buttons for your website using this handy tool. Modern design, mobility, statistics, and code that is easy to read!


Choose a template for your website that was designed with the system in mind and is guaranteed to operate. We only provide premium templates that have been proved to work.


Do you have no idea how to set up a template on your website? Put your faith in us!