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In principle, if you use the provided instructions, you can post information and use the site, created with the help of this constructor. You can also use auxiliary information on editing and advertising.

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At first sight immediately liked the constructor! Excellent! Everything is very simple and accessible! And this is very important when you do not understand website development! I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!

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Builder itself is a plus. A large number of free templates. Many different plugins. Low price. Tech support. Good promotions

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TOBIZ is an intuitive platform. We provide all users with a domain connection, constant expert advice and a 14-day test period.

Moreover, the code editor gives enormous possibilities. You can use it to connect analytics services, social networks, mailings, payment systems. As well as e-commerce, callbacks, chat rooms and other trackers.

Website builder allows you to make changes and corrections right on the page, publish an article, review or post literally in one click.

There are more than 1300 samples on different topics. Choose your variant, change the text and pictures. Save your edits and changes. And you can connect the domain and run ads.

You'll be surprised how well our service is suitable for web-projects of any complexity and any topic. You do not need special skills. Here everything is as easy as typing plain text in Word.