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At Tilde, I've been working for a little over two years. Not in a hurry. While mastering the skills of web design. And made his first site. All updates blocks, descriptions and tutorials were happening before my eyes. For two years, opportunities and service has grown. Pleasant. Many, many articles, many publications, a lot of educational content. You can always get primary information. Variants of work with the constructor a lot. It is possible to pick up to their tasks. If necessary, allows you to create sites and export. You can quickly cast a prototype and send it to a web studio or give it to a freelancer. You can stay with Tilda Publishing and use all the resources, information, block updates, uncomplicated CRM system, ability to integrate with other resources, flow, etc. It is not necessary to pay for any tariff for a year. Paid a month, two months. Tested, not suitable, moved on to other sites. To each his own. This is normal. Personally, I had a misunderstanding with tech. support, only at the initial stage of work. By web design, had no relationship. Terminology did not own, asking basic things, not understanding the meaning. Then it all came. Relationships were built. And the quality of service is pleasantly growing before my eyes.

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This platform will appeal more to designers, journalists, and aesthetes, who will be able to put their work in a beautiful form. A service for creative people, first and foremost.

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Users with no technical skills or experience developing websites will find it simple to use.

Excellent value for money in terms of blocks and design.

Picture positioning is simple.

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Official website

Intuitive website builder.

Create a site yourself using blocks from the Tilda library. Use blocks in hundreds of combinations, simply adding one by one, in an intuitive interface. You will be able to create a website with your own hands.

Block library. You don't have to be a designer. We have created more than 550 blocks. Each of them is harmonious, and at the same time has a setting, allowing you to create a site with a custom design.

Adaptability. Your site will automatically look good on smartphones, tablets and computers. We've worked out every block so that creating an adaptive site is elementary.

Focus on typography. Focus on the content as you build your site, because we've already thought about the pitch. Each block on Tilda has harmonious proportions. Convenient line width, interlineage, font size, and header combinations make it easy to read the text.

Visual content. We developed a collection of blocks to serve visual content. Full-screen covers and video covers, galleries, photo combinations, video sequences. Your options become much broader. You can design the user experience, including all media formats

All for lenticulars. We've developed a number of blocks for creating custom-made linings, including testimonials, call-to-action blocks, benefits listings, buttons, and more. We're especially proud of our handy data collection forms, which are integrated with twelve services that are suitable for making a landing page.

Create small online stores, online boutiques, sell individual products or services.