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The site is simple, understandable. Not perfect of course (no argument). But absolutely free, working site, above all hundred years of working competitors in the market of our region. My site is issuing on demand, even in other regions.

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The main complaint is that it's hard to get a more or less normal site here. Most of the templates are awful, they are embarrassing to look at, and you don't want to use them at all. Anything you take looks bad, boring, like hello from the early 2000s - the time when any site was considered great just because it is, someone created it.

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The system will prompt everything, everything is easy and simple, after spending time you can get free domains .ru for a year. At a paid rate you can create a site of any complexity.

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Official website

The service allows you to quickly and easily create your own unique website with a domain in the .ru domain zone - and it's free! 

And if more details, then right now you can get:

- Site in 2 clicks (just choose a design).

- No technical knowledge is required (intuitive operation).

- No need to pay a developer or designer (you can create it yourself)

- More than 7000 design options (13 thematic categories, more than 300 themes)

- Domain in the zone .ru - for free (registered on the documents of the client - that is, your property).

- Hosting - free of charge

- The Internet store - free of charge (the catalog of goods, a basket).

- Mail for your domain - for free (with the help of mail service Yandex)

- Interactive feedback - free (form on each page and Disqus comments)


- Round the clock technical support

- Detailed manuals and FAQs

- Learning newsletters and seminars

- Opportunity to earn money

- Constant development and implementation of your ideas