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Simple, and at the same time pleasant to use constructor. The templates, of course, are not the most advanced, but those who appreciate simplicity and speed of settings will like it. I used it to make my first store, so they gave me a 2nd level domain and 30 days for a free test. Integrates with Ya.Market, you can accept payments, put forms. Now, of course, left them, put the store engine on hosting, crm-system. But I started growing up with Redham, and only fond memories remain!

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Templates, of course, not the most advanced, but those who appreciate the simplicity and speed of settings will like. But the support is just terrible, they do not respond within 2 weeks!

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As far as I'm concerned, all designers are either good or bad. Redham is one of the first, and its pages look just as good as Tilda's. And there is more than enough functionality for all my projects. The site is created by customizing templates, you can manage almost all the sections of the page. You can easily create new sections, add content. No skills for work are not needed, because it is a designer and it is intuitive. In addition, you can create news pages, articles, blogs, FAQ section and even an online store. The latter I have not done yet for clients, but I tried it myself as part of testing. Well, also the usual for the constructor sales functionality.

On the created pages you can place various forms, such as feedback, registration, voting, etc. The developers' pricing policy is adequate. The cheapest tariff is better not to take, because it limits the number of pages created. If you do not create stores, it will be enough tariff for 350 rubles / month. The drive will be 5 GB for files and all the basic features without limitation. A little bit may strain the limit on monthly traffic of 10 GB, but in small projects, this is more than enough.

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