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I can say that compared to other similar services Nethouse pleases me with stability of work and ease of management. If it were not for the limitation in the choice of templates, I would put the highest score. But I can say one thing, for 9 months, while my site is on this platform, they have already had several major updates and are constantly adding new designs. Maybe someday my dream template will show up as well.

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Prices affordable, in principle, the designers themselves are also not complicated, just need the desire and a little patience to learn and understand how to work there.

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There are a lot of advantages of this service. Starting with the appearance and ending with its functionality.

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Official website

Nethouse is a platform for website creation. It is one of the ten largest platforms for creating sites in Runet and accredited domain registrars. The service works on the freemium model. The main part of the designer is free.

Websites of any type: create an online store, a business card site or a landing page.

100+ beautiful templates: fill them yourself or choose a ready-made option.

No programming: no more complicated than filling out a page in a social network.

 In a couple of clicks connect your domain, mail, statistics, online payment and other services.