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Before I started using the jimdo builder, I tried 15 to 20 analogues.
Nothing worked, because there were a lot of new terms, signs and meanings. I was a complete novice in the Internet space, there was a lot of complicated stuff.
I wanted my own website a lot!
After getting acquainted with this service, all the difficulties disappeared on their own. Understanding the processes of creating, designing, optimizing and promoting the site is at the level of intuition and reflexes. With all that said, 24/7 tech support for paid versions.
The jimdo team is constantly developing the functionality of their product and improving the administration panel.

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Average constructor. In some places it clearly lags behind its competitors. Stand out is able to stand out due to the visually pleasant interface and the ability to get automatically assembled site based on the data entered. However, it can be edited only on a minimal level - will do only for beginners who have no pretensions to the functionality and diversity of design moves

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This is a fantastic method to get your store up and running. It's simple to use and personalize. It's extremely search engine friendly, and adding new plugins is a breeze.

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