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Денис Ракитин

Денис Ракитин on Advanced Web Ranking

Были небольшие проблемы с установкой, но работа порадовала, пока твердая 4!
Денис Ракитин

Денис Ракитин on AntRanks

Сервис работает на 5/5, реально круто!
Инга Зинченко

Инга Зинченко on Advanced Web Ranking

Пока тестирую, но плохого ничего сказать не могу
Максим Гомоль

Максим Гомоль on AntRanks

Сервис отличный, проблем никогда с ним не было
Инга Зинченко

Инга Зинченко on Rush-Analytics

Пользуюсь сервисом уже 4й год. В основном для кластеризации и сбора семантики проекты. Радует скорость сбора. Ядро для мелкого сайта собираю за 30 мин...
Катерина Александрова

Катерина Александрова on Rush-Analytics

Проверяю позиции в Rush Analytics. Данные собирает быстро и точно. Радуют удобные графики и сравнение конкурентов. Это помогло мне подобрать нужную ст...

Cookies are small text files on our computers that store information about our previous actions on websites. In addition to account logins, they are able to remember

  • User preferences, such as language, currency, or font size.

  • Items we have viewed or added to cart;

  • The text we have typed on the site before;

  • The user's IP address and location;

  • The date and time we visited the site;

  • OS and browser version;

  • clicks and conversions.

When we do something on the site, such as adding an item to the cart or entering login details for an account, the server stores this information in a cookie and sends it to the browser along with the page. When we go to another page of the site or visit it after a while, the browser sends the cookie back.

Legislation in developed countries requires a company to:

  • fully inform the user of the nature and details of the use of their data;

  • Then obtain the user's consent to the collection and processing of his or her data.

We use the data to provide, maintain, protect and develop existing services and create new ones, as well as to ensure the safety of our users. Among other things, we use this data to personalize content more precisely, including improving the relevance of search results and display ads.

Terms and conditions is a public agreement (offer) between the right holder (operator) of the site/application/service and the user, presented in the form available for review by the user.

Buyer's guide to generator selection rivacy policy, terms and conditions, cookies policy, etc.


Why we need Privacy Policy 

Presumably everybody whenever has offered agree to the preparing of individual information during enlistment on the site. This expresses that the preparing will be finished by the "Protection Policy" of the site. What's the significance here? 


As of late, individual information has turned into a compelling monetary resource. Their skillful use brings organizations a business benefit and benefit. 


Then again, abuse of individual information and absence of attention to the clients brings about government limitations around here. Accordingly, enactment in created nations requires an organization to: 

  • completely educate the client regarding the nature and subtleties of the utilization of their information; 

  • then, at that point, acquire the client's agree to the assortment and preparing of their information. 


Does this require a Privacy Policy? Without a doubt, as it is the most ideal approach to advise clients about the assortment regarding individual information on the site.


What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. When a user visits a site again, the browser accesses the cookie database. Cookies allow a site to "remember" your actions or preferences over time. There are two main types of cookies used within this site: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". "Session" cookies are time-limited cookies that remain on the user's PC until the user leaves the site or disconnects the browser. "Persistent" cookies remain on the user's PC for a certain period of time specified in the cookie settings or until the user deletes them.

Cookies may be set by the website you are visiting ("primary cookies") or they may be set by other websites that run the content on the page you are viewing ("third-party cookies").


What cookies are used for

We use cookies to maximize the usability of our site, for example, by remembering previous visits and users' preferred settings and thus enabling efficient navigation between pages on our site.