Omi Iyamu

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I am the Co-Founder and Chief Product and Technology Officer at Artist Crowdfund Exchange (ACE); a blockchain and NFT startup, looking to democratize funding and revenue in the sports and entertainment industry.


I have a long history having worked in tech for close to 15 years and at some of the biggest names in tech like Google and Microsoft. ACE being the 3rd company I am founding, I know a thing or two about what it's like taking huge risks to try and make your dreams a reality. 


As an Angel Investor and startup coach, I stay very plugged into the start up and fundraising world, and love to help founders whenever I can to navigate that world and not make some of the mistakes I did in my earlier years.


In my spare time, I mentor founders and high school kids from underprivileged communities. My passion project right now is repurposing shipping containers for building computer schools in villages back home in Nigeria to teach coding to children aged 9 through 15.