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clearly. correctly on the case

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Great, not sucks

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Miles is a keynote speaker, author, and technology leader who helps organizations generate and nurture leads with advanced inbound marketing strategies.

You may have seen him on Search Engine Watch, Neil Patel, Robbie Richards, Growth Hackers, Mailup, Hubstaff, Digital Olympus, RevContent, Albacross, or Lead Generation Institute. Raised in Oklahoma, and living in Green Bay, he graduated from Oklahoma State with an MBA degree.

During his entrepreneurial career, he has successfully led marketing and lead generation campaigns for Forbes 100 companies and created digital marketing course curriculum for Rasmussen University.

Unlike other experts on digital marketing and technology, Miles is a true practitioner, having been in the trenches of running thousands of marketing campaigns and has the case study data from clients to back it up. With Miles‘s versatile background, he speaks about Why Stuff Sucks™.