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Get quick access to marketing channels efficiency analytics Stops spending 50% of his time on reports and finally work on a marketing strategy Automates contextual advertising, so bids will always be up-to-date Solves

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Great service for the analysis of marketing. strictly monitor the three channels of promotion and in many ways even helps to sort out unnecessary advertising requests that do not give conversions. due to this I was able to optimize advertising and adjust the budget

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Free tariff


Referral program


Browser extension


Service options 


1. Reduce advertising budget 

on average by 30% without loss of orders


2. Find and disable advertising channels that do not bring income


3. See all customer touch points with the product

From login to sale, including offline


4. Use tools to grow sales

"Lead Catcher, A/B tests, Yandex.Direct auto bid management


5. Summary report in Roistat dashboards

Quick overview of your business


6. Cross-cutting analytics for business

Business performance assessment by 66+ metrics


7. Rate management in Yandex.Direct, Google Adwords and Facebook

Improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook.


8. Lead Catcher - smart customer capture form

Catch 63% of additional leads for you


9. Online chat to increase sales and help visitors

A convenient and simple widget that allows visitors to chat with managers in a chat interface right on the pages of your website.


10. Marketing automation from Roistat

Customize the right scripts for effective customer interaction