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I didn't like the customer service at all. Not only did they not help me solve the problem, but they made me question whether I had done the right thing by contacting this solution.

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Good service for call management, we use for 5 month, for now we are very satisfied.

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Service features


IfTheyCall is a service that monitors calls using promo codes. 


This method of tracking differs in that it is simple, informative (gives detailed information about the user's session and the source of the transition), does not require the use of SIP telephony (as a consequence: no costs for the purchase of additional numbers). 


However, the method is semi-automatic: the client must name the promo code, and the manager must enter it in the IfTheyCall interface. 


There is another tool in the functionality of the service — the ability to complete the action for the client. It was created in order not to have to fill out a complex form of "Sending transactions".


An additional "Go as a customer" button has been added to the interface, when using it, you are sent to the site as the customer who called, and you can complete the action for him (make a purchase). This is equivalent to filling out the "Send Transaction" form, only faster and easier.


 In order to use this function, it is necessary to add the domain to the exceptions of traffic sources in the Google Universal Analytics account: iftheycall.com .