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UniSender is a simple solution for email campaigns. It is a universal marketing platform for personalized emails, SMS campaigns and attracting potential customers.


UniSender offers the following: 


- Mobile-formatted emails. 

It has more than 100 ready-made templates, perfect for any type of business. 


- Drag-and-Drop email editor. 

The intuitive template editor allows you to create emails in your own design and corporate identity. The manufacturer claims your emails will be WOW on both PCs and cell phones. 


- Time-saving marketing automation tools.

 Five-click integration with popular platforms makes marketing campaigns quick and easy to launch. 


- End-to-end analytics. 

Aggregated statistics allow you to see all campaigns on one graph, know the best times to send and which campaigns are more successful. 


- No spam, 99% deliverability.

The vendor promises that UniServer monitors the reputation of its servers. It analyzes delivery rates and has pop-up forms to help collect customer contacts. 


- Consultation and support 24/7. 

The vendor promises to take care of every customer and continually grow as your company grows.