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What is SendinBlue?


"SendinBlue allows businesses to build and grow customer relationships through automation, marketing and transactional emails as well as SMS messages."


Who is Sendinblue for?


Sendinblue is a simple, easy-to-use email marketing platform that makes it a great choice for experienced marketers or companies who don't have the resources to create complex campaigns. However, because Sendinblue also includes advanced functionality that allows marketers to create highly personalized campaigns based on past customer behavior, it is also suitable for companies looking to increase the return on investment in email marketing.


Sendinblue's capabilities


Sendinblue has an excellent feature set covering all areas of email marketing. The only area where Sendinblue lags behind is the analytics features, which only allow you to track basic marketing metrics such as delivery ratios, opens and clicks. It lacks the ability to track any revenue-related metrics, such as conversion rate, number of purchases or revenue per click.