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We've been using Mailigen since June 2013, and happyli has renewed this year as well! Every stage demonstrates tremendous coordination and dedication - from assistance to account-related issues, which were resolved in under 15 minutes.

We switched from AWS-based email hosting (AWS mailing plan + contact-based 3rd party system) to Mailigen since they handle every step of the mail delivery process for us. We can now focus on mail design and other aspects of our business rather than the complexities of email distribution.

Mailigen is meticulous in every detail, including spam score, subject guidelines, and timely delivery.

Thank you so much, Mailigen.

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Price for 10,000 subscr. / month from


Free tariff




Present in integrators


Simple and straightforward platform for email delivery


Mailigen gives you the tools to build long-term relationships with your customers:


  • Subscription forms help grow your subscriber base.

  • A gallery of adaptive email templates makes it easy to create your first newsletter if you don't have your own template.

  • The block editor allows you to work without knowledge of code or layout.

  • Real-time reporting of emails.

  • Segmentation, personalization, RSS, dynamic content.

  • Automatic series of letters - the simplest chain templates: greeting series, reanimation, onboarding.

  • A/B tests and online surveys.

  • Integration with major services.