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I like that your account has no limit on the number of people it can have. Because we don't have a very large mailing list, we don't require the premium services that other mailing platforms provide that allow for a huge number of users. As a result, Mailerlite is a great fit for us.

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Price for 10,000 subscr. / month from


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What is MailerLite?


"Email marketing software designed to help people of all skill levels create professional and personalized marketing campaigns that help them engage with their audiences."


Who is MailerLite designed for?  

MailerLite offers a step-by-step approach with concise explanations of all the features and instructions while using the tool, making it one of the best email marketing software for beginners who also need advanced features and are willing to spend some time creating personalized email marketing campaigns.  



Since all of MailerLite's features are divided into four main categories, it's worth looking at each one individually.  



- You can create four different types of campaigns: 

- Regular mailing; 

- Split A/B testing (testing different types of emails against each other);

- Automatic Resend (resend messages to people who didn't open them the first time, with a change in the subject line, new content, or the addition of a personal message); 

- RSS campaign (sending an RSS feed of blog news in an email) 


The biggest drawback of the MailerLite tool is that ready-made email templates are not included in the free version of the service, so you have to create your newsletter emails from scratch. This is not very convenient, especially because people who sign up for the free plan are less likely to be power users who have any skills or time to create emails themselves. 


While the drag-and-drop email editor is easy to use and you can add a wide variety of content blocks (buttons, customer loyalty index (net support index), videos, countdowns, social media posts, etc.). You'll still have to spend a lot of time designing the email to make it look acceptable because of the incompleteness of the templates. Once you've created your newsletter letter, you can use advanced target audience segmentation to send emails to specific groups of users who have registered through a certain source, or who have already received a certain number of emails, etc.