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Price for 10,000 subscr. / month from


Free tariff


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Estismail is a service for mass and automatic email newsletters, Landing Page creation and E-commerce management.


They are designed for different budgets and the size of your subscriber base. Some restrictions are removed when using paid plans, so the choice should be based on the number of your subscribers, the frequency of sending and features that are important to you.


Perpetual Free plan: allows you to send unlimited emails to up to 250 email addresses. It includes all the features of the service, except unmoderated import, a dedicated IP address, the ability to connect your own domain and the ability to install Yandex.Metrika and advertising pixels.


Corporate rate: do you have a growing business and desire not to limit yourself? Then this tariff is exactly the right one. The Corporate plan is aimed at improving your email marketing and building up steep sales funnels.


Cloud tariff: unlimited possibilities, full package of services (including consulting on email marketing). The main feature of this plan is independence. Mailings and reputation are your responsibility. The highest speed, no delays and queues, personal domain, priority support in all matters. A personalized solution for corporate clients.


And remember, a 3.6 month discount is available for every tariff.


Estismail - your quick start in email marketing. A convenient and simple mailing service with customer-oriented support.