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We've been using Elastic email for the past 12 months and are really happy with it. The application Elastic Email is simple to use. When compared to other programs, the feature set isn't as extensive, yet the features provided are adequate for basic needs.

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Price for 10,000 subscr. / month from


Free tariff


Subscribers in a free plan




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Elastic Email - What Is It?


"The most reliable and cost-effective email delivery platform. Email marketing and transactional emails benefit from this feature. There is a simple API accessible. You may count on us to be there for you whenever"


Enable your firm to grow by leveraging a collection of innovative tools and smart solutions.


Create branded emails that look great.

Just bring your own ideas to the table, and you'll be fine. Email creation is a breeze with the Email Designer. Make your own HTML template.

It is possible to develop an infinite number of online forms, which allows you to reach a larger audience.


Site Maps and Landing Pages

The use of current landing pages will allow you to expand your business even faster. Alternatively, you can design your own template from scratch.


It's easier to reach your goals when you have the necessary tools

Simply tagging your connections will enhance conversions and customize your communications.


Automated emailing

Real-time tailored emails can help you connect with your audience.

To make your communication and relationships stronger, make sure your emails are flowing properly. Emails can be sent in a variety of ways.


As a result of your reports, you'll become smarter.

Your email newsletter's ROI can be improved with the help of detailed reports.


If you want better results, test and tweak your campaign.

With easy-to-configure channels and templates, you can improve your transactional emails over time.


100 emails a day at a discounted rate (which is important because it yields about 3,000 free emails per month).