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All of the automations are fantastic, and I appreciate that I can run folks through them numerous times. I also appreciate how well ActiveCampaign connects with so many other products.

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Price for 10,000 subscr. / month from


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ActiveCampaign - What is it?


In addition to being an easy-to-use platform for marketing automation, ActiveCampaign is also an excellent tool for email marketing, as well as sales automation and CRM.


In addition to email marketing, ActiveCampaign offers marketing automation, sales automation, and customer relationship management (CRM). Marketing and sales procedures will be streamlined so that your customers are happier and more loyal. Your connections and clients will appreciate it if you send out newsletters, develop stunning email campaigns, and keep in touch!


Automatically market to customers who have provided you with personal and behavioral information about them. New approach to customer connections helps us close more sales faster.


Sending emails of what kind

Your email campaigns should be relevant to your business. When it comes to email, the platform gives you the most power available.


Spread the word by sending emails to a large audience.

The need to communicate with everyone at once can arise at times. Everyone on your list should receive a one-time email from you.


Use specific email addresses to communicate with customers.

Don't forget to make sure your message reaches the proper recipient! You can segment your audience depending on a variety of factors.


Trigger emails.

Emails based on purchases. Or website visits. Or on engagement. Automatically send emails when your contacts are most interested in it


Autoresponders emails.

Get in touch right away. Send welcome emails, start a series of greetings, or deliver lead magnets automatically.


Mail funnels.

Sell more with email. Set up email automation that turns your contacts from leads to customers.


Scheduled emails.

Schedule emails for a specific date and time. Perfect for events, holidays, birthdays and sales.


Fire off e-mails

Purchase-related emails Perhaps it's the number of people who visit a website Or if you're engaged. Auto-send emails based on your contacts' interest


E-mails that automatically reply to a recipient.

Don't hesitate to get in contact! Automate the delivery of lead magnets, or send welcome emails.


You'll need mail funnels to get your mail to the

Email can help you sell more. Set up email automation to convert your prospects into customers by sending them automated emails


You can set up a schedule for emails.

Emails can be scheduled for a specified date and time to be sent. Everything you need for your next event, holiday celebration, birthday, or sales.