The best services for automating cold mailings

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Autoklose - отзывы, цена, альтернативы (аналоги, конкуренты), бесплатные лимиты, функционал, сравнения


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CloudTask - отзывы, цена, альтернативы (аналоги, конкуренты), бесплатные лимиты, функционал, сравнения


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Apix Drive

Cold mailings are emails sent without prior permission or contact from the recipient. In many ways, a cold mailing is the same as a cold phone call, only it is less intrusive. This means that it is almost unanimously approved by both sender and recipient.

A contact is one person that you have recorded in your account. Think of 1 email address as 1 contact.

Because when you create cold newsletters, you will not be marked as a spammer if you send CAN-SPAM-compliant cold emails to your potential customers.

In other words, reaching out to business contacts you've never contacted before, or those you didn't personally know about, is not illegal for this type of mailing.

Integrators are systems that connect different SaaS solutions via API. If the platform is in integrators, you can easily link this system to any other system that is in the same integrator

In the free offer you can use a limited number of functions of the service, but an unlimited amount of time, and in the trial period you can use the entire set of functions of the platform, but for a limited period

Buyer's Guide to Choosing a Platform for Automating Cold Sending Campaigns


Cold mailing campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach a potential customer and make yourself known.


You may be tempted to do it yourself, but if you want to scale your outreach and get the best results for your business, it's time to think about investing in dedicated email software. But how do you choose the right platform? Here are five things you should consider.


Determine your needs

The first thing you should decide before you start looking for possible solutions is exactly what you need from a cold mailing solution. Is it important to have something that works well as a team, or are you happy with an individual solution? What size mailing list do you expect? How many emails do you want to send? Which features are necessary and which are optional?


With a clear idea of what you need, you can quickly narrow down your options and not get distracted by products and shiny features that won't get you closer to your goals. Find an app that fits your needs; don't change your needs to fit the app.


What integrations are available?

It's unlikely that you only rely on one software to do your job. While you can manually transfer the data you need from one app to another (or, if you're feeling particularly brave, create your own method for doing so), it's much easier and more efficient if your cold calling platform has integrations built in.


That way, you can relax and let all your applications communicate with each other. Examples of this might include your CRM, your contact replenishment software, or your internal team chat. If your app doesn't have built-in integration, be sure to try Zapier, which connects thousands of apps with almost no effort on your part.


Can it automate your process?

The main benefit of using cold email software is not having to do everything manually. The best solutions go further and can run complex information campaigns for you at the touch of a button. The right app will do all the hard work for you, from checking the email addresses on your list to sending relevant follow-up emails, allowing you to focus on the important work in your business. When you set it up right, the right software will be like having another person on your team working for you 24/7.


What does support and maintenance look like?

There are many free options, but when it comes to your email, you often get what you pay for. Whether it's buggy software or lack of personal support, free email apps can be confusing and frustrating.


However, that doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on the right tool. By spending a little, you can get great value by enjoying professional software and dedicated support when you need it. Of course, many apps will let you get a free trial so you can be sure there are no nasty surprises and the app does exactly what you need it to do.


Does it include testing and analytics?

Testing your reach used to be a headache. You'd have to manually go through your campaign results, trying to figure out what worked and what didn't. Now it's much easier when you have dedicated A/B testing built in. Not sure which features your potential customers will respond better to? Create two slightly different campaigns, each highlighting a different feature, and send them out. Then you'll see which email works best, and your app will automatically use the more effective copy.


Even if you're not interested in A/B testing (and you really should be), it's important to be able to accurately analyze the effectiveness of your email. Checking key metrics like discoverability and click-through rate can help you know where your campaigns can improve and continue to improve over time.